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Price for 1,5 hours include skipper

1-6 persons

7-12 persons 

Monday to Thursday 

Friday to Sunday 

30 minutes extra 







Beautiful electric boat

Blankets if its getting colder

Lovely interior

Roof protection for showers if necessary 

Great skippers

Glassware on board 


Duration of the tour

Arrangement cost p.p.

More information

Beers, wines & bites

1,5 hours

Tipsy brunch

1,5 hours

€22 p.p Incl. drinks

€25 p.p Incl. drinks


2 hours


2 hours

€35 p.p Incl. drinks

€35 p.p Incl. drinks

Cold drinks

1,5 hours

Morning tour

1,5 hours

€15 p.p excl. food

€175 Incl. coffee & tea



Duration tour

Our departure and exit point is the Weerdsluis, Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde nr 10.

Other pick-up points are possible at extra cost.


Boarding places

Weerdsluis ( Standard boardingpoint )
Spoorwegmuseum + €35

Oosterkade + €50

Gaardbrug + €50

All tours are 1,5 hours, do you want to sail longer? Fill out the number of hours you want to have the boat tour at the reservation page and we will check if it is possible.


Half hour longer sailing costs 1-7 people €40 and 8-12 persons €50. With arrangement you pay €40 or €50 per half hour longer sailing and €4 per person for the extra drinks.


Children 0 - 3 years sail free.


Children from 4 - 10 years sail with 40% discount on the arrangement.


Children from 11 - 17 years sail with a 15% discount on the arrangement.

Large group

With years of hospitality & event experience every wish - dream is a challenge for us that we would like to bring out for you. Are you with a large group? We are happy to help you organize a fantastic day out in the best city of the Netherlands> Utrecht <

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